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That's Amora

When your eyes see her bust and your cock stands up high, that's Amora. In moments like this, when Kamille Amora is hot, horny and ready to fuck, all we're thinking about is watching one of our favorite girls get her brains banged out. Especially since Kamille is so enthusiastic about fucking.

"I'm the type of girl that can't get enough," Kamille told us. "I wear guys out now and then. They don't complain, but they're exhausted. I love a good, long, all-night sex session."

Tony isn't the type of guy that wears down easily. Her I-cup mams deserve endless attention and her wonderfully plump body a hard fucking. She's going to get a lot of both.

"If it's not rough, it's not right," Kamille says. "A girl like me needs to know and feel like you're giving it to her."

That's Amora.

That's Amora

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