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Strapping Bra Strap Buster

Adriana Avalon's 46 inches of bra meat are contained by 38E cups--a hooter holster this 5'11" Amazon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania doesn't leave home without.

What turns Adriana on most of all when she's in the sack with a dude? It's not dick size. She gets off best with "oral, especially sitting on a guy's face or doing 69 with him. If he has a talented tongue, I'll pay back the favor in ways he'll never forget."

Adriana was not sure of how long she wanted to bare her precious gifts on-camera. She didn't seem to have long-term, professional aspirations in this direction. And you never know when some guy will snatch a girl away for marriage or a committed relationship.

Strapping Bra Strap Buster

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