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Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh

It's unusual to see Roxi Red playing the fetish doll and wearing a fetish-style outfit. This now-legendary giantess of Amazonian proportions is a double-K member of the 20-Club--girls with breasts at least 20-inches bigger than their waists. 5'9" barefooted, Roxi towers over most guys when she puts on her fuck-me heels.

Roxi meets the milkman in this kinky scene. He wants Roxi to drink milk out of a bowl like a cat and then he wants to spill the rest over her world-famous super-tits. Roxi plays along with his wet and messy strange desires so she can get her tits sucked and licked.

The milkman's hands are dwarfed by the size of her colossal jugs as he rubs the spilled milk into her breast-flesh. Once his rubdown is complete, he sucks away on Roxi's nipples, then slides his cock between her giant boobs. Among the great achievements of mankind, having the chance to fuck Roxi Red's mindblowing tits is an accomplishment few men can claim. And once Roxi sucks the milkman's cock, it's time for him to dick her down, another of life's potential great achievements, if a guy can get the opportunity.

Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh

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