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Pretty Young Thing

Kharlie is from Chicago, Illinois, but she lives in southern Florida. She's 5'2", weighs 107 lbs. and wears a 32A-cup bra.

"I'm a hockey fan. I love the Chicago Black Hawks," Kharlie told us. "But people in Florida are all about football and basketball. It's still fun going to those games, too. But if a guy really wants to take me out on an awesome date, he should take me to the beach."

Kharlie told us that she prefers wearing lace thongs or G-string panties, she masturbates four times a week and she considers herself a bisexual, but loves cock way more than pussy. "I've dated a few girls. They were a lot of fun but the sex isn't as fulfilling as it is with a guy," she said.

"I'm a nympho who loves everything sexual. When I'm in a relationship I'll easily have sex three times a day. Doggie-style is my favorite position. I love when we're fucking that way and the guy plays with my ass. I love anal play, I just don't like when the guy sticks it in. Cocks are too big!"

Pretty Young Thing

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