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Picked Up & Fucked

SCORE Girl Harmony Reigns is nervous. She's lost in the Czech Republic and can't find her way to the building she needs to go to. It's crisp and cool in Prague and this sexy English brunette with a rack is only wearing a low-cut top showing many inches of upper-breast and sexy legs in a short skirt. She's cold and lost. Won't someone help this poor lass?

Harmony spots Steve, a local who is just in the right place at the right time. A pretty damsel in distress with big tits. Only a filthy swine would not spend the time to help her. He offers to warm Harmony with a cuppa tea at his place, just a short walk from their location. This dude has won the big boob lottery.

Back at his place, Harmony is more interested in Steve's stick shift than getting to that address she was looking for. She repays Steve for rescuing her by giving him an expert blow job and warming his cock between her luscious boobs.

Steve can tell this British beauty has a juicy pussy, and he makes it juicier by eating her out before mounting and fucking her to a happy ending.

Like Czech babe Krystal Swift, Harmony is not so keen on extended foreplay and lovey-dovey romance. "I just want to get straight to it," Harmony says with a laugh. As the English often say, "Get on with it!" This is a girl a guy wants to do dirty things to.

When Harmony gives a blow job, she might swallow every drop or she might spit it out on her big tits.

"It depends on the kind of mood I'm in. Most of the time I like to rub that shit into my boobs and face. It's really good for a girl's skin, you know."

Picked Up & Fucked

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