Karlee's Plump Desires Karlee's Plump Desires

Huge-chested Karlee Adams said she can be both passive and assertive in sex. She has sex about three times a week.

"Most of the time, I'll wait for a guy to make the first move," Karlee said. "Sometimes I have to feel a guy out. Not every guy is aggressive or they are leery about showing the girl that they're horny because they are afraid they'll scare her off. I am talking about regular guys, not porn studs.

"Porn guys get a special kind of no-strings sex since that is their job to service models. They know that they are going to fuck the girl they are paired up with and she expects him to fuck her good. It's purely a physical thing and when it's over, they never see each other again, unless they are both doing this for a living, which I'm not. I have a job and these are special experiences for me.

"Like I know that I am never going to see JR again after our fun is over. But in a real date or casual situation, a guy can't absolutely know that he is going to get some sex unless he knows the girl really well, if they are dating or in a relationship. Or if she is the town slut who will bang any guy. I am going to let a man know in different ways if I want to suck his cock."

So what was there to learn about Karlee? When Karlee wants the fuckfurter, she doesn't play head games about it. She goes right for the meat and doesn't want her booty call to be stingy with the mustard.

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