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Dicking Down Alanna Ackerman

"I always wear a bra except at home," Alanna Ackerman said. "I wear a 34E cup. At home, I'll just put on a tank-top. When I leave the house, I'm usually in a skirt, a bra, a T-shirt and high heels. I like to see guys stare at my tits. In fact, I love it. If they're not, then I start to worry about myself." So stare, everybody!

Alanna knows that guys get hard when they see her big tits. We live for women who flaunt their jugs and Alanna's never been shy about flaunting them...on the beach, at the mall, filling her gas tank. Sex-wise, she always wants the biggest dick she can wrap her large, fleshy boobs around and stick in her pussy.

Dicking Down Alanna Ackerman

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