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Cheating Girlfriend Danica Danali Seeks BBC

A lamp at Danica Danali's place won't turn on so she calls Jonni Mamba to repair it because her guy isn't home. The lamp won't turn on but Danica turns on when Jonni shows up, so while he's there, he gives Danica a big cock and a load of nut-juice all over her gigantic tits, all free of charge.

"I definitely get treated different and get better service because of my boobs," Danica told an XL Girls editor.

"When I go to a specific car place to get our cars fixed, they always give me stuff for free. My husband always makes me bring his car in because they give me better service than they give him. Typically if he wants something for free or cheaper, he sends me. I don't know if I have great negotiating skills or if it's the way I look."

A lot of things turn-on Danica.

"I get super turned-on when I get felt up. I love boobs myself. I like watching public groping videos. Or I like watching someone getting groped at work. It turns me on."

Cheating Girlfriend Danica Danali Seeks BBC

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