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Bra Free

Valery is so flat, she doesn't need to wear a bra!
This little Frenchy is basically nothing but nip. The only thing that protrudes under her white shirt are her pointy nipples. With barely even an A-cup, Valery doesn't see the need to wear a bra. "I don't have anything to support, so why should I wear a bra? The less clothes I can wear, the better. Sometimes I get scolded because my nipples show, but I like that."

Do you always wear panties or do you like to skip those too?
"I like panties because they come in cute designs and I like the way they make my bum look. But also, I caught my brother's friend going through my laundry and stealing my dirty underwear. When I realized he was doing that, it gave me butterflies in my stomach. So now I like to play with myself with underwear on so they get completely soaked, and I leave them on the top of my laundry pile for when he comes over."

Bra Free

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