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All Work And No Play

"I love living on Miami Beach and I love working on South Beach, but I'm still not totally used to working all night and sleeping during the day," said Gia. "As much as anything else, it's really screwed up my social life, to say nothing of my sex life. I mean, how can a girl get laid when all the eligible guys are hard at work? And when they come out looking for hot chicks like me, I can't do anything about it 'cause I'm working. I flirt a bit at work, but I'll never encourage a guy who hits on me.

"I'm not looking to steady-date right now, I just want a fun-loving guy who'll treat me right when we go out, and in the bedroom, too," said Gia. "I haven't been into sex all that long, and I want more! I want experience and variety. I have to figure out how to work the horniness in with my job."

All Work And No Play

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