A Different Angle

SCORE was the first to film a model through a glass table as she stood and knelt on it. The very first girl was Autumn-Jade in 2001. No ordinary glass table, this specially engineered table was designed for safety, strength and durability.

Over the years, such stars as Diane Poppos, SaRenna Lee, Annie Swanson and Janet Jade have pressed their tits and asses against the glass for unique point-of-view pictures and videos.

This time, it's Hitomi's turn to squish her big, bold boobs against the thick glass for up-angle views impossible in conventional nude photography. Hitomi is a natural for this kind of shoot, and when she was in Miami visiting SCORE, the table proved its value once again.

Hitomi enjoyed the experience and knew exactly what the photographer wanted. She picked it up quickly, which was no surprise since she's a fast learner, graceful and has natural skills honed by her daily experiences in front of a camera.

A Different Angle

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